Lifestyle Management


For professional footballers, managing life off the pitch is as crucial as performance on it. Our Lifestyle Management services are tailored to help you balance your demanding career with personal life efficiently. From optimizing your daily schedule to planning your post-career ventures, we ensure every aspect of your life complements your football career, enhancing your overall well-being and focus.


· Personal Assistance: Delegate your day-to-day tasks, from managing schedules to handling correspondence. This frees up your time to focus on training, matches, and personal growth.

· Travel Planning and Management: Tailored travel arrangements for both personal and professional trips, ensuring comfort, efficiency, and adherence to your busy schedule.

· Event Planning: Organize personal events like birthdays, anniversaries, or charity functions, reflecting your personal tastes and ensuring memorable experiences for you and your guests.

· Relocation Services: Seamless support during transfers to new clubs, including house hunting, moving services, and local orientation to ease your transition.

· Networking and Relationship Management: Building and maintaining valuable relationships within and beyond the sports industry.


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